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Retroactive is the ICYMI listing of all the great reading from the week that was.
This Week:

Motherhood and Amy Coney Barrett: Objection-Irrelevant.
If you follow the news surrounding hopefuls for the empty SCOTUS seat, you undoubtedly know that Barrett, a federal circuit judge and Notre Dame law grad, is the mother of seven children. In fact, judging by the media’s profiles of her, this is the most interesting thing about her…
By Em Carpenter

Moral panics can crash quickly. Or they can last centuries, as the moral panic over witchcraft did. I have no feel for how long the moral panic over sex work will last. But now that FOSTA is law, the potential damage it will cause has dramatically increased.
By Michael Siegel

There’s a constituency for JanusIf public-sector unions are worth saving, it supporters will have to do a better job at advancing the reasons.
By Gabriel Conroy

Police Keep On Policing Different People DifferentlyThose who defend the police insist that perceptions made in the moment matter most of all and should trump all other concerns and criticisms. They are onto something.
By Sam Wilkinson

American Imagination
Our imagined community is myth that requires some strong juju. We collectively imagine what it “means” to be an American. The fact that we still care about our imagined identity means we haven’t given up on our joint project. We scrap and cuss and “resist” and “maga” because we all still care.
By Mark Kruger

A Philistine Pondering on the Symphony
It may not be Carnegie Hall in New York City, or Royal Albert Hall in London, or Konzerthaus in Berlin, but for that moment-on that night-it could well have been symphony night at the Vienna State Opera with Mahler himself holding the door and Strauss serving as usher.
By Andrew Donaldson

Where Do Metro Denver’s Next Million People Go?
There are places, well within the current confines of the metro area, to stash a lot of people. Here’s one.
By Michael Cain

The GOAT Wars: A Statistical Analysis
As he heads to Los Angeles, we re-present AdotSad’s piece comparing LeBron James and Michael Jordan.
By Adot Sad

The Judicial Depoliticitization Amendment
Burt Likko makes an ambitious proposal.
By Burt Likko

A mildly NSFW music video that, seriously, I cleared with Maribou before posting
By Jaybird

Linky Friday: Wherever I May Roam
Linky Friday: Wherever I May Roam contains links to a whole world of stories. From off the beaten path, the knowledge acquired, to wherever you call home there is something for everybody to explore.
By Andrew Donaldson

Getting better by doing the exact same thing you did last time, just quietly
By Jaybird

A delightful and unexpected sequel:
Dungeon Warfare II
By Jaybird

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