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    Dezerto Du: Direktoro TrancxitaReport

  2. Avatar Anne says:

    I will be playing Battletech for the first time tomorrow. Haven’t got a clue anything about this game. Should be funReport

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      Oh, awesome. I have a handful of questions that I’d want to ask about the session that you probably don’t have the answer to (like: “Will it include the Unseen?”) but I’d love to hear a small review.Report

      • Avatar Anne says:

        @jaybird Short background My brother-in-law, husband and myself have for the past 3 or 4 years been indoctrinating…er teaching the kids (now 14-18 years old) about RPGs. Mostly DnD and Red Markets.

        My BIL and 14y/o nephew have started playing Battletech. They invited myself, husband and my 16 y/o stepson who is with us for the summer to a game. It was a short (3 hour) grinder session to let us all learn the rules. I think my BIL had some unseen figurines but can’t be certain of that as I know very little about the characters.

        I died spectacularly once trying to DFA my BIL and he blew up my ammo. Once my son figured out don’t worry about getting killed since then you get a bigger, badder mech fun was had by all. I did manage to get one kill. We are going to play again soonReport

        • Avatar Jaybird says:

          Oh, awesome. Yeah. DFA is high-risk, high-reward.

          (The brain-breaking thing is that the 3-hour game is the “short” session!)Report

        • Avatar Zac Black says:

          I just saw this post and as a giant Battletech fan and I’m so excited to see that this game is still spreading to new generations and new players. And yes, Jaybird is right, a 3-hour session is definitely a pretty quick one, relatively speaking.Report

          • Avatar Jaybird says:

            Dude! They freed the Unseen! Maybe.Report

            • Avatar Zac Black says:

              To be honest, I never really cared for the old Unseen art, and largely preferred the Reseen (although the so-called ‘Nuseen’ are even better) that they did back in ’02, but a lot of the old diehards who’ve been playing the game since the ’80s loved that art, so the company’s always fought hard to try and get it back in some way. I just hope this is finally resolved once and for all so it can quit being a drag on the franchise.Report