After Childish Gambino’s “This is America” came out, there were no shortage of thinkpieces talking about the video and what it means and what it reveals and how we shouldn’t make memes from stills from the video.

It eventually occurred to me to wonder “that video director was pretty good… did he do anything else?” and I found out that the director of that video was Hiro Murai and, yeah, he’s directed a *TON* of music videos. They’re pretty good. (I didn’t watch *EVERY* video so I can’t vouch for every video, but the ones I did watch were really good. He’s good at using the camera to hide information from you for a few moments before finally pulling back and revealing some pretty important parts of the backstory.) Some of the *SONGS* are better than others, of course, but there was one video that had an awesome song as well as an awesome aesthetic.

The problem was that the video was a hair racy.

So I asked Maribou “Hey, is this too racy? This is too racy, isn’t it?”

She watched the video and said “ahhhhhhh, well I don’t think so but I can see how you would” and told me “you could put a ‘mildly nsfw’ or something on there”. I still hemmed and hawed for a bit and Maribou told me “heck, you can blame me if you want” and that, right there, was the kicker.

So there. That’s the background here. It’s mildly nsfw due to some sirens wearing aggressively summertime clothing. But I worry about that sort of thing more than Maribou does.

Chet Faker – Gold (Official Music Video)

So… what are you listening to?

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11 thoughts on “Wednesday!

      • One of the things I mentioned to Jaybird is that I suspect the raciness quotient may be higher for those of us born sometime in the 70s, just because their style is so very very rollerskate-hot-in-the-early-80s.

        I mean, those women are dressed and styled like the women I was sexually attracted to before I had identifiable sexual attractions (or something like that, except that makes more sense). The older teen girls I watched in awe long before I myself even hit puberty. In the same way that I have a soft spot for men with shaggy hair, worn out jeans, and Joshua Tree t-shirts. Archetypal-of-the-time.

        But that could just be me.

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