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Retroactive: ICYMI From Ordinary Times This Week

Retroactive is the ICYMI listing of all the great reading from the week that was. With links and summaries of all the unique perspective, great writing, and diverse topics in culture and politics, Retroactive is your way of not missing anything from Ordinary Times. Read, share, and discuss.


A little short story that combines some Phillip K Dick with a little HP Lovecraft.

Burgers for Buns

Burgers For The Buns In The Oven

I marvel when I consider the layers of approval this must have gone through without anybody thinking it’s a bad idea. Or maybe, for Russians, it isn’t, and they merely regret that we heard about it over here?

SCOTUS: Warrant Needed for Cell-site Records

The Supreme Court of the United States this week ruled in favor of privacy in Carpenter v. United States, a case out of the sixth circuit involving the warrantless search of a defendant’s cell phone location records.

An American Town Fueled by Amazon and Canadians

So if you are a small town in Washington state, how do you increase your population by 36% and your tax revenue two to five times that of other comparable sized municipalities? Economic magic? Nope; just be located close to the border and be thankful for Canadian Amazon shoppers flooding in for parcel pickup.


Starbucks to Close Stores Amid Competition, Controversy

The old joke of “a Starbucks on every corner” might be slowing down, but the issues of growing too fast are not new for the coffee giant. CEO Howard Schultz returned to the company during the last period of adjustment, and his current retirement from the company has a familiar feel to it.

Writing the Book on Corruption in West Virginia

A West Virginia Supreme Court Justice is federally indicted on 22 counts, including various fraud counts, false statements, and witness tampering. The man who wrote the book on corruption now stands accused of bilking the taxpayers who put him in office.

Video: An Animated Guide To Dystopian Fiction

I’ve been picking up an interest in classic science fiction lately, so I found this interesting: Literature and film can open up to the depth and immensity of social truths we find profoundly difficult,...

John Coltrane

The Lost John Coltrane Album, and Ponderings on Jazz

In a genre as fiercely independent minded as Jazz can be, one of the few universally held truths is the greatness of John Coltrane. While his “A Love Supreme” is often discussed as the greatest of Jazz Albums, newly released material by Coltrane and his band from earlier in his career has emerged.

Immigration Gambit

In my last post I was tough on the Democrats. Some readers pegged me as a closet Trump supporter with American flag pajamas. In this post I will lay that misconception (that I sleep in pajamas) to rest. 7 days ago Trump & Kim Jung Un shook hands. Today the universe is talking about one thing – children and border enforcement. Here’s my short summary.