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  1. Avatar pillsy says:

    Speaking of X-Com, a different (and spiritual, rather than official) descendant of the original—Xenonauts—was free on GOG for a while and I picked it up.

    I think I dig it more than Enemy Unknown. It’s less of a departure from the classic game, while getting rid of some of the more tedious micromanagement [1] and allowing for some new tactics and having a somewhat broader array of weapons. There aren’t RPG-style special abilities: it all emerges from the basic mechanics and equipment types. You can “suppress” enemies by firing burst weapons at them or throwing flash bang grenades, which prevents them from using reaction fire and costs them TUs.

    The first time I figured out I could have one guy to throw a flash bang grenade into a room at a Gray and then had another one charge in and shoot it in the face with a shotgun left me with a grin on my face for five minutes.

    It’s not perfect—the production values are very much “small studio” and there isn’t much mission or enemy variety—but it’s a lot of fun. The giveaway seems to have been a (very clever) way to promote a Kickstarter for the sequel, which I’ll definitely be backing.

    [1] You no longer have to buy/manufacture ammo, and your squad members will automatically equip themselves with flares for night missions.Report

  2. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    In spare moments I’ve been playing Witcher 3 as well. One of the things that is troubling me is at a certain point in the game you need to maintain your weapons and there is no apparent way to do that. So I’ve not really progressed or at least I’ve not figured out how to progress. A bit frustrating but as I find time I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

    But a gorgeous game with fluid fighting mechanics, a very interesting sensibility and a seemingly well-structured choice tree to invest you with agency in the outcome of the game (which IIRC is our Founder’s #1 priority for RPGs).

    A caution re: Triss and Yennifer. With two personalities that strong, it seems inevitable that at some point you’re going to have to choose pursuing one or the other. I have a hard time seeing them sharing.Report

    • Avatar jason says:

      You can repair your weapons at any weapons/armor vendor (for a fee depending on how much repairing they need), or you can buy/find-in-loot repair kits that repair a certain amount.

      Jaybird’s right: the stories are good, as are the series of novels which tell a whole epic story.
      Jaybird’s also wrong: you’re searching for Ciri who is not his girlfriend.Report

  3. Avatar jason says:

    I’ve put a lot of hours into Witcher 3 and I’m just about two thirds through the main story. It’s definitely easy to get lost in all of the side quests and activities (like tracking down gwent cards).Report

  4. Avatar Jaybird says:

    12 hours left in the sale!

    (I also got my Steamlink and Controller, but my boss wanted to thank me for the extra stuff I do and he gave me an SSD for my computer and I’m kinda wanting to install the drive before I set everything up.)Report