Daily Archive: June 19, 2018

Immigration Gambit

In my last post I was tough on the Democrats. Some readers pegged me as a closet Trump supporter with American flag pajamas. In this post I will lay that misconception (that I sleep in pajamas) to rest. 7 days ago Trump & Kim Jung Un shook hands. Today the universe is talking about one thing – children and border enforcement. Here’s my short summary.

Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller and the Theater of Outrage

Using outrage to draw an overreaction from opponents then becomes self-fulfilling prophecy of “See, those people really do hate us”; for Stephen Miller, immigration checks many boxes for engagement by enragement politics.


Bugs on the Eastern Front Terrorize World Cup

General Mud and General Winter have long been the defenders of the Russian Motherland from foreign invaders, or so the mythology goes. Perhaps its time to add General Insect, as the World Cup players are finding out in Russia.

Whither Small Talk

How’s the weather? Can we at least talk about the weather?

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