Daily Archive: June 13, 2018

Giving Up Your Seat

When You Can and Cannot Say ‘No’ When Someone Asks to Switch Seats With You on an Airplane Duane Pickering, a 58-year-old flight attendant from Milwaukee, agrees, saying it’s entirely within a passenger’s right...

head tax

Taxing in the Name Of: Seattle Head Tax Repealed

Back in May the Seattle City Council unanimously passed the “head tax” under the auspices of raising funds for the homeless. But in the face of opposition from Seattle’s largest businesses, and a certain legal challenge to the law itself, the council has reversed themselves.

The Moral Authority Hierarchy of Loss

Sitting down to write about the moral authority hierarchy of loss in the current political landscape, I found I did not know where to begin. Death, although universal, is too terrifyingly intimate to handle indelicately. But the use of the dead as bludgeons to further essentially ephemeral agendas is abhorrent. And we are becoming entirely too comfortable with it.

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