Daily Archive: June 11, 2018

Amendment 4

SCOTUS Upholds Ohio’s Voter Purge Practices

The case involved the practice in Ohio of purging voters who have not voted in several years and who fail to return a notice card confirming their address. The case, Husted v Randolph Institute, et al., concerned whether the practice violated the National Voter Registration Act. SCOTUS says it does not.

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality Passes Away (2015-2018)

Net neutrality is officially repealed as of Monday, June 11. While the vote to repeal occurred back in December, the process required several further steps before officially being implemented on Monday.


Supercomputers Reach The Summit, For Now

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is a facility born from the drive to accomplish scientific feats before an international competitor does the same. In the modern day race for the worlds most powerful computer, the ORNL-housed Summit supercomputer has put the US back in the lead…for now.


Speaking of the Dead: Obituary in the Social Media Age

The obituary, long the traditional and biographical announcement of a death in a newspapers, has found new life online and in social media. And apparently the old adage of “speak not ill of the dead” might be changing with it, especially if it helps the notice go viral.

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