Retroactive: ICYMI From Ordinary Times This Week

Retroactive ICYMI

Retroactive is the ICYMI listing of all the great reading from the week that was.
This Week:

Daydreams of ImpeachmentThe impeachment of Donald Trump is the fondest wish of many Democrats. Be careful what you wish for!
By Mark Kruger

“Annihilation” Movie Review
One of the best films of the first half of the year, a sci-fi/horror mashup, is now available on streaming and disc.
By Garrett Stiger

Bad Words
Unpopular opinion: there are no bad words.
By Em Carpenter

A Wacky Off-Year Time Capsule Thread.
Laying down our markers for the upcoming 2018 elections
By Jaybird

SCOTUS Rules (sort of) on Gay Wedding Cake Debate
SCOTUS did not issue an opinion on whether a baker may legally refuse to bake a cake for a gay wedding; rather, it focused on what it saw as the Commission’s non-neutral, “hostile” handling of Phillips’ case.
By Em Carpenter

Somehow I became a Microsoft person again.
By Will Truman

Book Notes: “Making Things Right” (2017)
Ole Thorstensen is a master craftsman both in carpentry and prose.
By Rufus F.

All the Ten Second News headlines:
Super Mario’s Great Escape
Are Individualist Societies More Cohesive?
Sleeping With The Source
Anthony Bourdain Dead at 61
Ontario To Be Made Great Again
Down With the Nutrition Pyramid?
Is The Higher Ed Bubble Deflating?
Alice Marie Johnson’s Sentence Commuted By President Trump
Judge Who Sentenced Brock Turner Recalled by Voters
There She Is, Miss America 2.0
WSJ: The Hostile Occupation of Carlos Lopez’s House

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