Retroactive: ICYMI in Ordinary Times This Week


Retroactive is a #ICYMI listing of all the great reading from the week that was.

This Week:

The Fighting Movie is Dead By Vikram Bath Modern action movies lack the attention to detail paid by Jackie Chan and his contemporaries

Unmarried With Children By Will Truman The case for shotgun cohabiting by someone against premarital cohabiting.

Suffer the Children By Em Carpenter It is well-known that the foster care system is imperfect. Some complain that child protection agencies are not proactive enough, leaving children in harm’s way. Others accuse the agencies of engaging in “child stealing”. No matter which is true, one can hardly imagine an issue for which improvement is more crucial.

Memorial Day, From Far Away Lands By Andrew Donaldson America will be celebrating Memorial Day on May 28th, 2018. Along with a long weekend, folks thoughts will turn to the meaning of the holiday, honoring the fallen of American conflicts. But over 216K of them are buried or memorialized as missing in foreign lands.

Weekend!, Saturday!, and Sunday! non-political posts by Jaybird

And Ten Second News articles:
Starbucks Closes to Serve “Racial-Bias Education” to Employees
Video: But Do You Want a Cheesecake?
Rough Day for Russian Attempts to Silence Dissidents
Virginia 33rd State to Expand Medicaid
Gravity May or May Not Be “Bipolar”
Where Did The Missing Suicides Go?
What We Do Know, Don’t Know, and Need to Know About Knowledge
Corrupt Leader Removed from Power…In Spain
Study: The Refugee of My Enemy Is My Friend
The Epilogue of “The Americans”
Jeffersonians vs Hamilitonians Regarding Facebook and Google
Teenagers to Facebook: We Just Aren’t That Into You

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