Daily Archive: June 1, 2018

Study: The Refugee of My Enemy Is My Friend

Why do states accept refugees? While there are a number of factors that influence a state’s decision to accept refugees, interstate relations play an important yet understudied role in refugee flows. In this paper,...


Corrupt Leader Removed from Power…In Spain

Mariano Rajoy has been removed as Prime Minister of Spain on a no confidence vote by that country’s parliament. The vote means the Socialists, the main opposition party, will now take power behind Pedro Sanchez from Mr. Rajoy’s Popular Party.


What We Do Know, Don’t Know, and Need to Know About Knowledge

Every so often on social media the question go around “if you lived in X period of time in history, what knowledge and skills would you still have that would be useful?” So in the information age of digital knowledge, what is that we know that will still be useful in the future?