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And finally, a bit of good news.


Finally jumping into The Witcher 3.

Supreme Court Orders

The Short List? Deciding the SCOTUS Nominee

Tea leaves, prognostications, wild guesses, and SCOTUS predictions sure to go wrong. Everyone can play in the “Who will be the next justice for the Supreme Court of the United States?”

daily routine

Linky Friday: Daily Routine

Linky Friday: Daily Routine “I began to realize how simple life could be if one had a regular routine to follow with fixed hours, a fixed salary, and very little original thinking to do.” – Roald Dahl


The Introvert Thing

What About The Boys?

With all of the attention that we devote to girls and STEM, what about boys and reading?


Anthony Kennedy to Retire From SCOTUS

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement. His pending vacancy will be the 2nd appointment by President Trump.


About Last Night: Ocasio-Cortez Unseats Crowley in NY-14

Rep. Joe Crowley had himself a whisper campaign going for leadership, and perhaps held thoughts of becoming Speaker of the House if the much discussed “blue wave” came ashore just right in November. Instead, he finds himself being compared to Eric Cantor on the list of stunning incumbent upsets.

Time for a RAISE?

A naturalized citizen takes a skeptical look at H1-B visas.

Travel Ban

“Travel Ban” Well-Within Trump’s Authority, Says Divided SCOTUS

The predictable split of the Court on this matter portends the inevitable split between the left and right leaning citizenry, as many decisions this term have done. With the strong, provocative rhetoric from our President which underlies the whole thing, it is hard to reconcile the two sides.

Lessons in Parenting, Baseball, and Optometry

I felt so disappointed for my son in his inability to excel at baseball. I had simply concluded that he lacked talent, and that was that. Of course, I would cheer him on and encourage him as long as he was interested, but, I assumed, the writing was on the wall. I pigeonholed him as “not an athlete”, just like me. Knowing now that it is quite likely that his vision was at least partially to blame for his trouble is a humbling reminder: our kids are not just small versions of ourselves.


Rise of the (Debating) Machines

@TimSmith_Laing brings us a story of IBM’s newest creation. So man has built Deep Blue to play chess, Watson that can play quiz shows and problem solve, the worlds most powerful supercomputer, and now comes IBM’s “Project Debater”, which makes up for in tech what it lacks in imaginative branding. So who will talk to it?