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National Wine Day 2018

Alright all you oenophiles, your day has come. Not that the vino enthusiast have been saving themselves, but National Wine Day is upon. Which means any who enjoys a taste of vino also has an opinion to share on the subject.

Harvey Weinstein 11

Harvey Weinstein Turns Himself In

Harvey Weinstein, once the most powerful of Hollywood moguls, is under arrest in New York City. The producer, whose alleged sexual abuse of women became a catalyst for the #metoo movement, turned himself in to authorities Friday morning.


Linky Friday: eSpace

This Week: Economics, Education, Entertainment, Mindspace, and Socialspace!



My co-worker had a baby.

There are only but so many black and white animals that you can get a stuffed animal of.

Jack Johnson 7

President Trump Pardons Jack Johnson Posthumously

Capping off a busy day at the White House, President Trump has issued a posthumous pardon to Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight boxing champion, for a 1913 conviction of violating the Mann Act. His arrest and imprisonment were for the crime of being a black man transporting a white woman across state lines.

Trump-Kim Summit 75

President Calls off Proposed Trump-Kim Summit

President Trump, in a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un released this morning, has cancelled the proposed Singapore summit between the two leaders. The Trump-Kim Summit had been scheduled for June.


NFL Owners To Force Players To Stand

The NFL had to choose between its black players and its conservative white fans. It, very predictably, went with its conservative, white fans.

Beer 18

Beer: The Way the Founders Intended It?

You know the old saying, “as American as baseball, apple pie, and George Washingtons personal recipe for beer.” Or at least, that is Anheuser-Busch’s latest idea. For a Budweiser that was formerly labeled “America”, there is only one step further to go to make it even more patriotic and historical:


An America Unknown

The story of an American dreaming of an America from abroad.



Songs That You Have No Idea What They Are Singing

Agro 3

Rise of the Weed Killing Agriculture Robots

Add weed killing to the list of things the robotic age may change in the near future. Big name chemical companies, who produce the herbicides vital for mass agriculture, are making plans that might affect not just farmers but the billions of dollars in equipment that delivers their product to the fields.

facial recognition 18

ACLU Object to Amazon’s Facial Recognition Outreach to Police

Facial recognition software is not new, but using it in real-time by police departments has raised some eyebrows. Add to those sentiments that Amazon is behind this latest marriage of big tech and government agencies, and privacy watchdogs are concerned to say the least.


Tech Tuesday 05/22/18 – Ryan Reynolds is My God Edition

Being lazy again, because finding a tenant for my house, and getting all the little things done I need to do before I can rent the house, and getting ready to spend a week on travel next week, and doing all the things that need doing before we move to another state, etc…. It gets exhausting. But I did get to see the brilliant work of art that is Deadpool 2.


The Epic Supreme Court Decision

The Supreme Court released its opinion in Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis, upholding the enforceability of individual arbitration mandates in employment contracts.In theory, arbitration is supposed to be economical. However, in practice, some critics point to the exorbitant cost to the parties, if one is used.