Morning Ed: Wildlife {2018.05.28.M}

[Wi1] That this is a mystery is the real mystery. Of course duck hunters want there to be a lot of ducks.

[Wi2] So my first thought is I wonder how it tastes.

[Wi3] Crocodiles rock to Bach!

[Wi4] For next time my wife complains about a clogged toilet I’m going to have this article ready.

[Wi5] Interesting. Once upon a time, the interests of the circus and animal rights advocates aligned.

[Wi6] Where red feathers come from.

[Wi7] Two moose got into a fight and the ice won.

[Wi8] Giant, predatory worms are invading French wildlife and hockey players.

[Wi9] Sounds legit.

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3 thoughts on “Morning Ed: Wildlife {2018.05.28.M}

  1. Wi1 brings up an important point: Ducks Unlimited has utterly failed in its premise. Do you know how many ducks I have within reach? None. Indeed, I have no ducks in my entire house. The amount of ducks that I am aware of is so extremely limited, I don’t currently know of any at all.

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