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Retroactive is a #ICYMI listing of all the great reading from the week that was. Ordinary Times is a group endeavor to explore and illuminate culture, with the word “culture” interpreted broadly. Here, you will find discussions of politics and law, art and sports, family and faith, laughter and grief, food and fiction.

Among other things, we pride ourselves on the civility, inclusiveness, and intelligence of our commenting culture, the diversity of perspectives our contributors offer our readers, and the eclectic mix of topics discussed on these pages.

Liberals, libertarians, conservatives, and everyone else may not come to agree with one another here, but we hope that if nothing else, they will at least come to understand one another. An assumption built in to much of our debate is that exploring disagreements is often a productive way for everyone to learn more, and a normal and healthy part of social discourse.

This Week:

The Death of Tragedy By J.L. Wall
Remembering and reading Philip Roth in 2018.

An America Unknown By Michele Kerr
The story of an American dreaming of an America from abroad

The Epic Supreme Court Decision By Em Carpenter
The Supreme Court released its opinion in Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis, upholding the enforceability of individual arbitration mandates in employment contracts.In theory, arbitration is supposed to be economical.

Vindication of the Nuremberg Defense By inmd
Gina Haspel’s confirmation ends the debate on torture.

Priming by Jaybird
Yanny vs. Laurel,Brainstorm vs. Green Needle, Other Conflicts

Tech Tuesday 05/22/18-Ryan Reynolds is My God Edition by Oscar Gordon

Beer: The Way the Founders Intended It? By Andrew Donaldson You know the old saying, “as American as baseball, apple pie, and George Washingtons personal recipe for beer.” Or at least, that is Anheuser-Busch’s latest idea. For a Budweiser that was formerly labeled “America”, there is only one step further to go to make it even more patriotic and historical:

Wednesday! By Jaybird
Songs That You Have No Idea What They Are Singing

NFL Owners To Force Players To Stand By Sam Wilkinson
The NFL had to choose between its black players and its conservative white fans. It, very predictably, went with its conservative, white fans.

So about that Uber, that we shall now call Christine… By Oscar Gordon
The first Uber crash report is out.

Linky Friday: eSpace By Will Truman
This Week: Economics, Education, Entertainment, Mindspace, and Socialspace!

National Wine Day 2018 By Andrew Donaldson
Alright all you oenophiles, your day has come. Not that the vino enthusiast have been saving themselves, but National Wine Day is upon. Which means any who enjoys a taste of vino also has an opinion to share on the subject.

Saturday! By Jaybird Returning to XCOM2… specifically, the War of the Chosen.

Sunday! By Jaybird Searching for an Ur-story of the story found in Three Amigos, A Bug’s Life, and Galaxy Quest

All the Ten Second News, State of the Discussion, and much more.

Astronaut, Artist Alan Bean Dead at 86
FBI Would Like Your Help, With Your Router
Behold, the Cat Piano
Harvey Weinstein Turns Himself In
President Trump Pardons Jack Johnson Posthumously
President Calls off Proposed Trump-Kim Summit
Rise of the Weed Killing Agriculture Robots
ACLU Object to Amazon’s Facial Recognition Outreach to Police
Europe is Going Green, Literally, by Reversing Deforestation
David Graeber Publishes Book on BS – Jobs, That Is

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