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11 Responses

  1. Avatar Em Carpenter says:

    I listened to the Fah/Bah clip without watching and without the visual, I hear bah.
    I’m also team Laurel, and my hubs is Yanny. Funny to me, because he blares his music through his headphones or in his car and has been to a lot of really loud, hard metal concerts, yet I am the one with hearing damage. Go figure.Report

  2. Avatar Doctor Jay says:

    I think priming is definitely a thing. And I think there’s more than priming going on with Yanny and Laurel:

  3. Avatar Road Scholar says:

    Team Yanny, inexplicably, since I’m an old guy with some hearing loss. Also, I could flip back and forth between Brainstorm and Green Needle at will, and it wasn’t really ambiguous either way. Weird.Report

    • Avatar KenB says:

      Exactly the same for me (including the bit about being old and with hearing loss).

      I found I could also make the second one say “greenstorm” or “brain needle” if I wanted.Report

      • Avatar Kolohe says:

        Same here. Whatever I thought of before the sound, was the sound I heard.

        I’m still almost always a Laurel person unless the clip is extremely filtered to the right (highpass? lowpass?)

        The bah/fah thing definitely changes based on what I am seeing (and bah’s up if I look away in the middle fah)Report

  4. Avatar veronica d says:

    The best part of this whole yanny/laurel thing is this Reductress piece:

  5. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    On yanny/laurel, clearly laurel for me, except for the frequency up-shifted version, which was clearly yanny. There’s so much noise in the brainstorm/green needle thing that I can hear pretty much whatever I want. As I have gotten old, picking a voice out of lots of background noise — or more accurately, failing to pick a voice out of the background noise — is the thing I notice most.Report

  6. Avatar Oscar Gordon says:

    Priming is a huge part of the mentalist routine, and other various magic tricks.Report

  7. Avatar Maribou says:

    FWIW, I hear Laurel and Yanny both at the same time, clearly, and have since the first time I listened (granted I was already primed).

    The relationship this double-hearing has to my ambiguity and heartbreak about Israel and Palestine is probably coincidental.

    Honestly I’m not sure how anyone who isn’t directly involved feels anything other than 24/7 ambiguity and generalized heartbreak, though I have a stack of books to read in the next month or so to see if I can get any clearer about things.Report

  8. Avatar James K says:

    I actually hear “Yerry”, so I guess the priming didn’t work in my case.Report

  9. Avatar dragonfrog says:

    I have only ever heard Laurel. This is apparently consistent with my chronic case of old raver’s ears.Report