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  1. Got to be honest here, other than Incredibles (which is a bit of nostalgia since with the age gap in children the oldest is off to college from the original movie so doing it with the youngins might be that) none of those sound appealing. After neglecting it last year there will be many more beach trips this summer, and with my improved health hopefully more travelling. Already have traditional WV 4th of July trip planned, Atlanta in June for a sort of ad hoc 20th class reunion, kids are going to Pigeon Forge with grandparents for a week, and I have several other trips working on. With luck will be far to busy for any movies.Report

  2. Avatar Fish says:

    My screening of Deadpool 2 included a preview of The Equalizer. I was meh before, but now I think I’m in. Already have my tickets for Solo, and Incredibles 2 is a must.Report