Daily Archive: May 18, 2018

Neil Cavuto

Beyond the Talking Head: Neil Cavuto

I am not a Fox News watcher. I don’t even have it as an option with what I currently stream. I am vaguely aware of Neil Cavuto, and perceived him more as a business guy than political guy, though I don’t watch. But this piece by David Folkenflik for NPR gave me more than one reason to reconsider the man.


Stop Mocking Millennials – Their Day is (Almost) Here

Putting questionable examples of Millennials in front of a camera over X issue to get Y reaction is it’s own industry in media right now. Easy-to-do content that gets strong reaction is good marketing strategy, but is also a play to stereotype and perception of Millennials as young and dumb, and is just not reality.


You know what they call it when you do the same thing over and over and over again and you hope for different results?