Morning Ed: Health {2018.05.16.W}

Will Truman

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12 Responses

  1. Kolohe says:

    A dude that was a big poobah in Iraq and Afghanistan, and at one point, in charge of each and both, says

    I served more than five years in Iraq and Afghanistan,…I was concerned about the effects of burn pits on our soldiers and civilians then (and raised those concerns at the time)

    He fishin ‘raised concerns’?! They were your people, you lecherous secret-spilling putz – you had the fishin responsibility and the duty to *do* something about it. Not merely raise some gorram concerns.Report

    • I worked a few hundred yards downwind of the Balad burn pit for nearly a year, and often-without exaggeration-it was like walking in fog. I do have the letter in my VA medical record, but like similar things over the years it will probably be decades before the full extent was known. I know what all went into those pits, and no doubt the smoke did all sorts of not good things. Everyone knew at the time, and it was annotated on your records that you were there and near them. They knew.Report

    • Oscar Gordon in reply to Kolohe says:

      Were these burn pits just general purpose open air incinerators for whatever needed destroying?Report

      • Kolohe in reply to Oscar Gordon says:

        I think so? Andrew would know. I never spent more than an overnight outside Kabul (and alwaother huge bases). I was first in the city center, then at the airport. Both those places i believe trash was handled either municipally or by on site industrial grade incinerators.Report

      • They became incinerators (Balad got the hi-end incinerators out of Germany in late 07 not sure about other sites) but in the beginning they are just what they sound like, pits of dirt you burn garbage in. Google will quickly bring the images up, think on fire-landfill, with bulldozers moving the piles to give you an idea of scope and scale.Report

  2. Michael Cain says:

    He1: Yesterday, a friend who was shopping for a portable oxygen concentrator for her mother discovered that different people in different parts of the country and using different OS/browser combinations got pages showing different prices for a particular device. Most people got $2495; some got as low as $1495 or as high as $2795. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious pattern. Page in question is here.Report