Morning Ed: Health {2018.05.16.W}

[He1] Having posted prices may not be as helpful as we’d like. Maybe on a systems level, but like calorie listings it can be helpful on an individual level.

[He2] Consumer Reports has a piece on how to talk to your doctor about medical costs.

[He3] Male obstetricians are becoming more rare. Kind of unfortunate as I understand the male desire to be a more active part in bringing life into the world, but I can’t blame the women.

[He4] Here’s something to worry about whenever you have a runny nose.

[He5] No doubt that the tobacco companies did a thorough job of getting cigarettes into our culture, but we often exaggerate how little we knew about the dangers of cigarettes. Big Tobacco didn’t convince everyone they were healthy so much as successfully cast doubt on the long-emerging science that said otherwise.

[He6] I know this isn’t supposed to be my takeaway, but maybe we could do this with things other than psychiatry and outside of prisons, too.

[He7] What do doctors learn when the hospitals they train in have safety violations?

[He8] The US demonstrates that you don’t have to have socialized health care for fat shaming to become a big thing, but it does provide a theoretically neutral rationale for people to express their disgust. (The solution to this isn’t necessarily ‘no socialized health care’ as ‘don’t use socialized medicine as an excuse to further stigmatize the obeses’ does the job just as well.)

[He9] A look at the history between the Huns and the Justinian Plague.

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12 thoughts on “Morning Ed: Health {2018.05.16.W}

  1. A dude that was a big poobah in Iraq and Afghanistan, and at one point, in charge of each and both, says

    I served more than five years in Iraq and Afghanistan,…I was concerned about the effects of burn pits on our soldiers and civilians then (and raised those concerns at the time)

    He fishin ‘raised concerns’?! They were your people, you lecherous secret-spilling putz – you had the fishin responsibility and the duty to *do* something about it. Not merely raise some gorram concerns.


  2. He1: Yesterday, a friend who was shopping for a portable oxygen concentrator for her mother discovered that different people in different parts of the country and using different OS/browser combinations got pages showing different prices for a particular device. Most people got $2495; some got as low as $1495 or as high as $2795. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious pattern. Page in question is here.


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