The Great Health Insurance Adventure, a Status Report


Michael Cain

Michael is a systems analyst, with a taste for obscure applied math. He's interested in energy supplies, the urban/rural divide, regional political differences in the US, and map-like things. Bicycling, and fencing (with swords, that is) act as stress relief.

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar Em Carpenter says:

    To clarify… did Medicaid pay something that it was not supposed to have paid, when it mistakenly thought you were eligible?

    If so, then you may need to pay that back. Seriously. Even though it was their mistake. It’s not fraud, since it was not as a result of your actions, but it could still be a civil issue. You might want to look into that. In Medicaid world that is called an overpayment, and they are obligated to recoup that money.Report

    • Avatar Michael Cain says:

      We never filed a Medicaid claim, so we’re good on that. The current mild worry that I have to run down is that the county’s error on Medicaid is what caused Medicare to tell my wife she’s so poor that she gets Extra Help on drug costs, and that will automatically happen the next time she fills a prescription at Kaiser.

      Removing her from the exchange policy has resulted in a redetermination by the county that she’s not eligible for Medicaid, but the letter is confusing (such letters are automatically generated by the Colorado Benefits Management System software, which is notorious for being confusing). I’m hoping that this result is now working its way through the assorted computers…Report