Retroactive: This Week in Ordinary Times


Retroactive: This Week in Ordinary Times is a #ICYMI listing of all the great reading from the week that was.

Ordinary Times is a group endeavor to explore and illuminate culture, with the word “culture” interpreted broadly. Here, you will find discussions of politics and law, art and sports, family and faith, laughter and grief, food and fiction.

Among other things, we pride ourselves on the civility, inclusiveness, and intelligence of our commenting culture, the diversity of perspectives our contributors offer our readers, and the eclectic mix of topics discussed on these pages.

Liberals, libertarians, conservatives, and everyone else may not come to agree with one another here, but we hope that if nothing else, they will at least come to understand one another. An assumption built in to much of our debate is that exploring disagreements is often a productive way for everyone to learn more, and a normal and healthy part of social discourse.

This week:

The Uses and Abuses of Donuts How a gourmet donut shop became a battleground over gentrification, anarchism, white pride, and everything else.

King Coal: West Virginia’s Abusive Love Despite the damage it has inflicted, coal is still king in West Virginia. Will the man held responsible for the deaths of 29 miners win the state’s Republican senate nomination?

Untangling “Voter Ownership” and the Champions of Big Ideas A guide to cashing in your credibility.

Iran, Iraq and Path Dependence Where does the region go from here?

Free, But at What Price? How would we get a social media service that won’t sell our personal data?

America, the Awesome Burt Likko has one of those sorts of problems that really aren’t such bad problems to have.

Robots: Viral Success, but Practical Challenges Remain Turns out, Skynet might have been an underachieving bunch of pikers. At least, if the developments in robot technology from Boston Dynamic and others are to be believed in their latest batch of viral videos. But do the video clips, impressive as they are, reflect the whole truth?

Whither Mike Pence Vice President Mike Pence started his Thursday off by making a rare comment about the ongoing special counsel investigation, but it was events from earlier in the week that were still on the mind of many folks.

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