Indictment for ex-CIA Agent in China Espionage Scandal

Andrew Donaldson

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  1. Kolohe says:

    It definitely did seem to slip under the radar for some reason, but the news of Lee’s arrest was reported, if somewhat sparsely, shortly after that arrest in January.

    What’s also remarkable is a tidbit from this story in the NYT last May (i.e. a year ago) on how the CIA’s network in the PRC got the snot kicked out of it.

    The mole hunt eventually zeroed in on a former agency operative who had worked in the C.I.A.’s division overseeing China, believing he was most likely responsible for the crippling disclosures. But efforts to gather enough evidence to arrest him failed, and he is now living in another Asian country, current and former officials said.

    So the New York Times has a (front page) story about your biggest crime, say straight up that they can’t get to you because you’re out of the country – and you completely miss this and come back (and bring your spy books with you, also).Report