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This edition of Retroactive: This Week in Ordinary Times: A piece on the #GSK killer that has earned praise from the true crime genre, a new series on #Education gets started with establishing fact from fiction, how modern protests of classic art misses the point, #culturewar and #fakenews are nothing new, and a great piece about one man’s vision for his city, and how we can tackle tough issues like #housing and urban development practically.

Public Education in the United States, Part I By Patrick
One of these things is not like the other. Okay, actually, almost none of these things are like the others.

The Golden State Killer and Privacy in the Age of DNA By Em Carpenter
Many true crime buffs have been fascinated with this case for years; now it offers a new chapter of legal and scientific interest.

I Have a Beautiful Dream By Benjamin Espen
Building what we want.

The Yellow Journalism of the Culture War By Andrew Donaldson
Like the paper barons of old, the real purpose of the online culture war is not the cause the true believers are fighting for. The real end-goal is the perpetual money machine that eternal aggrievement and outrage feeds.

The Triple Lens of Art History By Chip Daniels
Hylas, Nymphs, and #MeToo. A missed opportunity for a conversation.

Nobody Won 2016 Election in a Landslide By Andrew DonaldsonTrue, Hillary Clinton received roughly 2.9 million more votes that Trump. But she didn’t get the most votes either. Nobody did. Nobody also won the electoral college in a landslide.

Absent President Donald Trump, White House Correspondents’ Dinner Stirs ControversyWhat the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner lacked in sitting presidents and celebrities, it more than made up for in controversy, centered around headlining comedian Michelle Wolf:

Sajid Javid Appointed UK Home Secretary Among Growing Windrush Scandal
While you where sleeping, the UK did some shuffling in the government lead by Prime Minster Theresa May. Amber Rudd has resigned as Home Secretary among a growing immigration scandal, with communities secretary Sajid Javid elevated to the post.

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