It’s that time of year again: Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday. You should totally stop by your little local comic book store and pick up some of the free comics that they’re handing out and, if you’re so inclined, pick up a trade paperback or two of something that you can really sit down and sink your teeth into. Or just ask the guy behind the counter if he has any more Action Comics #1000s for sale.

Here is where you can find the closest store to you handing out free comic books. Just hover over “find a shop” and put in your zip code. There might be one within a couple miles of the errands you’ll be running on Saturday anyway. It’ll be crowded enough that you won’t feel like you’re interloping or anything.

As for us, the errands that we will be running will be the ever present litany of Petsmart, Costco, the pharmacy, and King Soopers but it is also Free Comic Book Day and so we’ll be stopping into the little place on Bijou. The guy behind the counter is a great guy who loves to talk and argue about anything and everything but he’s going to be running around like a chicken with his head cut off so we’ll only yell “HI! BYE!” as we stop in and get our books.

But then, Saturday night? I *FINALLY* get my “nothing”. Nothing is planned with anybody. Not even “do you want to see a movie?” (I asked!).

So the goal is to finish *ALL* of the errands on Saturday morning. Which means that Sunday will have only “make some hard boiled eggs for the week ahead… grill up some meat for the week ahead…” and otherwise allowing for the joys of just not leaving the house. I can’t wait.

So… what’s on your docket?

(Image is “Play” by Clare Briggs. Used with permission of the Briggs estate.)

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26 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. I’ve got an 1817 session planned with two buddies for the afternoon, after brunch with Thing One.

    I’m curious , have you seen it yet? it is not yet time to talk about it, but I wonder if you have seen it. I have. (The “no movies I asked” thing reminded me).


    • Which it?

      I suppose it is easy enough for me to answer: I ain’t seen nothin’. So whether “it” refers to “Ready Player One”, “Infinity Gauntlet”, or something else, I haven’t.

      With that said, EQUALIZER 2 IS COMING OUT SOON!!!!!

      And the youtube for the Official Trailer contains a spoiler for the actual trailer. And then the actual trailer spoils a major plot point of the movie.

      I’ve gotten used to official trailers spoiling the movie, but this whole “GET READY TO WATCH THE TRAILER!” vamp that is supposed to get you excited to watch the trailer in 3 seconds containing spoilers for the trailer?

      (kisses fingers)


      • I meant Infinity War. I suppose I will have to see Ready Player One, though I am suspicious that I will be sorely disappointed by a very superficial understanding of MMO’s and VR.


      • That does look like something you’d like. It seems a good moment to recapitulate Jay’s Rule of Sequels: Never see a movie with a roman numeral in the title. If they couldn’t think of a new name, they probably didn’t think of a new movie.

        But not everyone cares about that. Lots of sequels now have their own title.


        • Well, you have to ask yourself “what am I hoping for from this movie?”

          If you’re hoping for something new, something different? Yes. At that point you’re probably better off avoiding movies that are involved with Hollywood at all (except, maybe, distribution).

          If you’re hoping for a warm blanket? A grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl of tomato soup? Oh, yeah. Equalizer 2 will fit the bill.

          So, okay, let’s say that you don’t want to see a movie you’ve seen before. So with that, I’ll tell you to check *THIS* out. (WARNING! THIS IS A RED BAND TRAILER WHICH, IN THIS CASE, MEANS IT’S A LOT BLOODIER THAN THE NORMAL TRAILER!)


  2. We have a small horse race in town tomorrow, so the population of the city will mostly be drinking all day. We find, unless we are attending said horse race, it’s a great time to run errands and go to those restaurants that are normally busy at lunchtime. So we’ll be doing that.

    Need to get the new puppy out to the farm for a long walk and I leave for a work week in Atlanta on Sunday.


  3. I have some kind of “best practices for non-profit board members” training session on Saturday :P

    (This is for a faith-based campus thing I recently joined the board of. I presume it is both going to be a stripped-down version of Robert’s Rules of Order and also a “how to avoid doing anything financially inappropriate” thing.) So that’s most of my Saturday.

    HOWEVER – classes are now over. Save for giving (and grading) finals Monday and Tuesday, I am free from teaching-related duties until August 20.

    I realized today that except for some very rare and special circumstances, I will not have to pack a lunch for the next 108 days. (I live about 2 miles from campus – on any day when I have more than an hour and a half lunch break I just go home, because eating at your desk – we don’t have a lunchroom – gets depressing. One of my colleagues tries to persuade me to go to the cafeteria, but (a) it’s expensive for faculty, (b) it’s frequently crowded, (c) walking there, waiting, and walking back to my building would take as long as driving home would and (d) I have some very particular food sensitivities).


  4. Well..

    Doc says I have a sprained ankle and tendinitis of the rotator cup in the shoulder…so I’ll be gimping along in jujitsu….sigh

    Cinco de mayo though!


  5. Oldest boys’ truck (really my truck, but whatev) committed ritualistic suicide yesterday morning. We knew it was having problems but I was hoping it would limp along for another two weeks until school ended and we could commit it to the mechanics, but alas! Shortly after the towtruck arrived my mechanic pronounced it dead. So part of yesterday was spent finding a decent used car which we then spent this morning test driving and then purchasing.

    So while I am no longer “friend-with-truck,” I am now part of a two-Subaru family.


  6. i have to buy non-ethanol gas for my lawn mower, acquire new cabinet handles for the kitchen, along with pots/soil for tomato plants. my boss at my current temp job gave me four tomato plants. i’ve already completed my writing obligations and i’m waiting for the wife to leave the house.

    if it clears up later, i’ll be at a star party.


  7. Mr T and Fledermaus drove all the way to Drumheller and back last night – Mr T played a good there. It was all ages so kid the first could even have gone but for the 8 hours of driving involved.

    I have a “psy-crisis” training thing – basically how to help someone get through a difficult trip. This is desirable for volunteering at the “sanctuary” or similarly named facility at festivals. Includes a refresher on naloxone use but otherwise non medical.

    I put in some of the garden yesterday, and maybe we’ll get to do more of it tomorrow…


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