Daily Archive: May 2, 2018

The Limits of Science

Rudy Guiliani

Giuliani Said Some Things on Hannity

Rudy Giuliani made some comments on Hannity Wednesday night that will no doubt be the topic discussion in the days to come. Contradicting the President, he had some rather astonishing statements.


Cambridge Analytica to “Cease Operations”

The day after Facebook announced new changes to the platform following a spat of controversy surrounding their association with Cambridge Analytica comes the news that the firm is closing up shop.

The new Reuters poll

New Reuters poll re: support for Republicans among 18-34 year olds

Boy Scouts Girl Scouts

Boy Scouts to Drop Boy as Girls Join

The Boy Scouts have been around for 108 years, but new changes announced mean their flagship program for 11-17 year olds will no longer carry “Boy”.

Morning Ed: Media {2018.05.02.W}

I’m not sure I ever had a Media section before the rise of Trump. Now it’s almost as regular as Politics. Hmmm.

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