Monthly Archive: May 2018


Gravity May or May Not Be “Bipolar”

What goes up must come down. Because of Gravity. Maybe. Turns out gravity might not be all we thought it to be, and might have a “dark” side.


Virginia 33rd State to Expand Medicaid

Earlier this week, Virginia became the 33rd State to pass legislation expanding Medicaid. While the national conversation still mostly focuses on the Affordable Care Act, colloquially known as Obamacare, the majority of states have quietly expanded government-run healthcare options.

Unmarried With Children

The case for shotgun cohabiting by someone against premarital cohabiting.

Putin Critics

Rough Day for Russian Attempts to Silence Dissidents

A busy 48 hours in the international intrigue business, as two big name Vladimir Putin critics turned up in the news, with some very surprising results. First on Tuesday came news out of the Ukraine of what appeared to be another dissident journalist assassinated:


Starbucks Closes to Serve “Racial-Bias Education” to Employees

Starbucks will be closing around 8,000 company owned stores on the afternoon of May 29th, to give mandantory training to over 175K employees on what the coffee giant is calling “Racial-Bias Education”. The closing and training had been announced weeks ago in the aftermath of an incident in Philadelphia were a Starbuck manager called the police on two black customers sitting in the store

Suffer the Children

It is well-known that the foster care system is imperfect. Some complain that child protection agencies are not proactive enough, leaving children in harm’s way. Others accuse the agencies of engaging in “child stealing”. No matter which is true, one can hardly imagine an issue for which improvement is more crucial.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, From Far Away Lands

America will be celebrating Memorial Day on May 28th, 2018. Along with a long weekend, folks thoughts will turn to the meaning of the holiday, honoring the fallen of American conflicts. But over 216K of them are buried or memorialized as missing in foreign lands.


Retroactive: ICYMI in Ordinary Times

Retroactive is a #ICYMI listing of all the great reading from the week that was. Ordinary Times is a group endeavor to explore and illuminate culture, with the word “culture” interpreted broadly. Here, you will find discussions of politics and law, art and sports, family and faith, laughter and grief, food and fiction.

The orgastic future recedes before us

Matthew Stewart’s piece on “the 9.9 percent” in the Atlantic is more interesting (and probably easier to remember) than jeremiads about the “one percent”.


Searching for an Ur-story of the story found in Three Amigos, A Bug’s Life, and Galaxy Quest

Alan Bean

Astronaut, Artist Alan Bean Dead at 86

Of the 12 men who have walked on the moon, there are only 5 left living. Alan Bean, who became the fourth human to walk on the moon during the Apollo 12 mission, died May 26th after a brief illness.


FBI Would Like Your Help, With Your Router

The Department of Justice would like a word about your router. In fact, according to an FBI Public Service Announcement, they would like all of you to reboot your small office and home office routers.

Behold, the Cat Piano

Nick Cave Narrates an Animated Film about the Cat Piano, the Twisted 18th Century Musical Instrument Designed to Treat Mental Illness


Returning to XCOM2… specifically, the War of the Chosen.