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  1. It is as good point. So much of the gaming I did as a kid progressing from Atari to 8-bit, 16-bit and so on was to “beat the game” and mostly involved memorizing the patterns of whatever the gameplay was. So it was far more fun usually to play a 2-player game. TMNT was a big one. For some reason I remember a game called Marble Madness that was mostly playing co-op, and my friends we played Rescue Rangers a bunch since you could literally just pick up your buddy and throw them to the bad guys, which had IRL consequences usually. Online will not ever have that same feel of sitting beside someone, and blaming the controller when you lost.Report

  2. Avatar jason says:

    Yeah, same room co-op is great. My wife and I still occasionally play Diablo 3 side by side. She doesn’t care about the details and lets me decide which equipment to keep and equip.
    I bought a 4TB hard drive on sale, so I was able to reload some games onto my Xbox One. I reinstalled Doom and have been playing it. I enjoy the old-school game play (no regen health, most weapons don’t aim down the sights, etc). There’s also a level-designer, and you can play levels made by others, and there are arcade missions. It’s a cool game; I just got sidetracked when it came out (I switched jobs around then, I think) and only played a few levels.Report