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    I expect people are going to have fun and make dick jokes while eating wings.Report

  2. Avatar Kolohe says:

    Holy cow, the McMahon kids are in their forties?

    (Well, they were always around my age, so, duh?)

    Has it always been common for people in their 40s to be in the main event? Or is it just the golden rule – the McMahons, & Mr. Trip H-McMahon own the gold, so they make the rules?Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      It’s not that it’s *COMMON*, it’s more that the owners of the company can very easily be made to believe that what is best for business is to have them be prominently featured in important storylines.

      (And the whole “Mister McMahon” thing from the late 90’s was lightning in a bottle that created one of the Best Heels Of All Time and if wrestling is going to fall into any trap, it’ll be the trap of “we can do that again!”)Report

  3. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Bryan Alvarez tweets:

    John Cena is, in fact, sitting in the crowd as a fan. I love this angle. #WrestleManiaReport

  4. Avatar Maribou says:

    Jaybird wants you all to know that, nearly 5 hours in, only two of his predictions have turned out to be correct. Random chance would have done a better job. (He said that! Not me! I wouldn’t rub it in like that…)Report

    • Avatar Maribou says:

      His follow-up comment:

      “Jeez Louise I was wrong about everything.”Report

      • Avatar Jaybird says:

        Jeez Louise. I was wrong about *EVERYTHING*.

        Well, not everything, but almost everything.
        Stuff I successfully predicted:
        Cedric Alexander winning
        AJ Styles winning
        Nia Jax winning
        Bludgeon Brothers winning

        That’s 4 out of 13.

        I was kinda right about Rousey winning, but I thought that the match would protect Rousey (and by “protect”, I meant “not use”) but she came out guns blazing and put out a strong contender for Match Of The Night. (I think that Charlotte/Asuka was the best match, but other people in the room preferred the Rousey match and I can totally see why they did.) Given that I thought that Rousey would be awful for less than a minute and, instead, she was awesome for fully half of the match, I’m only giving myself a half point for that one. 4.5 out of 13. Ugh.

        I loved seeing Daniel Bryan win. I loved seeing him no-sell.

        I thought that the Strowman match was awful. They’re cutting the tag-team division off at the knees *AGAIN* in service to a monster that they don’t know how to use. It was cute that Nicholas is a tag-team champ as well… but that’s one of those things that is sweet on the lips and bitter in the stomach.

        The Fatal Four Way demonstrated exactly why I don’t like Fatal Four Ways. I’m glad that Jinder has a belt, though. I can’t *QUITE* stop seeing the three man band when I look at him, but I’m getting better at seeing a championship level guy rather than a jobber-for-life.

        Glad that Rollins has a belt. I hope that he and Miz and Balor continue to have good matches trading that belt back and forth for the next 4-6 months or so.

        Reigns is growing on me. I think that he needs to spend a year fighting around the IC or US belt before moving up to the World Heavyweight belt, though.
        Who could possibly beat Lesnar? Credibly, I mean. Strowman is the only name that comes to mind and he’s currently hobbled by the tag belts and Nicholas.

        Oh, and that Cena/Undertaker match? Good for them. That was a perfect little WrestleMania moment. A 95% squash and the only reason they gave Cena any offense at all was so that ‘taker could do a zombie sit-up.

        I enjoyed the heck out of the show. It wasn’t the best one of the year… but WrestleManias usually aren’t.

        Good stuff all around. Well, except for that Bludgeon Brothers match.Report

        • Avatar Jaybird says:

          As for the ones I got right:

          Alexander vs. Ali was an awesome match. I expected no less.

          Styles vs. Nakamura was kicky-punchy to distraction but the match actually got pretty good in the last third. The post-match stuff had me excited, though. “Strong Style” might work better on a heel than on a face. I’m looking forward to seeing if it does.

          Nia Jax is *AWESOME*. I loved the moment where Nia yelled at Alexa and Alexa screamed in alarm in response. They did a good job of making Alexa a credible threat, though. Rare to see a David vs. Goliath match where you’re rooting for Goliath. These women did a great job of accomplishing that.

          The three-way tag-team match was a hot mess. The less said about it the better.Report

          • Avatar Derek Stanley says:

            still cannot get over how good Ronda looked. I know it was my match of the night, but I think it was because my expectations were so low that they were beat by leaps and bounds. While I was expecting Charlotte and Asuka to be great and it matched that expectation.

            Worst match of the night for wrestling was Strowman’s match, but the side angle made up enough for it to not be the overall worst match of the night. That goes to Brock and Reigns. I get so tired of the one and done moves that come from every single match Brock is in. One move, wait 15-30 seconds, repeat until you are bored to tears…..

            I am not a huge fan of Reigns, but he can at least do a bit of chain wrestling when in the ring with a good technician. Brock…. he needs to go back to the UFC.Report

        • Avatar Kolohe says:

          twitter didn’t like Reigns/Lesnar *at all* fwiw.Report

          • Avatar Jaybird says:

            Here’s part of the problem: the buildup for the main event for the last month or so has involved Roman Reigns undercutting Brock Lesnar. “He’s a part time champ, he never wrestles…” that sort of thing.

            Which is fine if you intend to have him drop the title to the guy making the criticism. If you don’t, you’ve effectively cut your champion off at the knees and, get this, the guy you had fighting the cut-off-at-the-knees champ couldn’t even beat him.

            They hurt themselves avoidably.

            The good news is that they might have (finally) gotten Reigns over.
            The bad news is that they’ve done so at the cost of everybody on the roster.Report

        • Avatar Reformed Republican says:

          This was a weird Wrestlemania, when it came to trying to predict finishes. They really stayed away from the obvious choices, but things still made sense for the most part. I thought it was a good PPV, but i thought it was a bit of a letdown as a Wrestlemania. I came away satisfied, but not excited.Report

          • Avatar Jaybird says:

            They should have put the Lesnar match in the middle somewhere.

            I thought that Reigns would win and everybody would boo… but Lesnar won and everybody booed.

            Which was weird, after a WrestleMania that had everybody pretty much excited for everything else.Report

  5. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    As an experiment, I’ve been reading through a variety of e-books by indie authors published through whatever Amazon is calling their low-end thing these days. They could all use a copy editor. Even the big publishing houses have gotten sloppy in recent years, but these indies average a missing word or extra word left after some edit every page* or three. Copy-and-paste in word processing is a double-edged sword; finding near duplicate emotion-setting paragraphs a few pages apart is not uncommon. Most of them struggle with pacing and the level of detail.

    I’m still curious about the business model for the authors. I set aside $20 for the experiment, and have paid anything from free to $2 for these individually. Even if the author is getting every dime, they’re not making a living doing this. Is it just scratching an itch? Are they hoping to get picked up by an agent?

    * Page in this post should be interpreted as something fairly small, since I’m reading on my phone. Maybe a third the number of words of a trade paperback page?Report