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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Kazzy says:

    Binge watched season 1 of”The Good Place”. Hillarious. With lots of philosophy talk for those interested.

    Watched the “Roseanne” premier. Curious to see where it goes. They’re ignoring the entire final season of the original run. First two episodes were so rapid fire as to be exhausting. And was not aided by every character feeling a little exaggerated. Not unreasonable for what was a weird blend of a pilot and a reunion. They already got into the weeds on some political topics and I’m curious to see how that evolves. They weren’t “perfect” in any regard but I’m not sure they need to be either. A bit refreshing to see realities of 2016/17/18 featured in a show, though oddly enough they never say Trump’s name despite multiple references to him (I don’t think they say HRC’s either but can’t remember; they did say Jill Stein’s though). Probably worth keeping an eye on her.

    Reading the latest Dan Brown novel. Soooooooo formulaic but whatevs.Report

  2. Avatar Fish says:

    Did everyone read the top of the card in your best Paul Heyman voice?


    Can’t wait!Report

  3. Avatar Will H. says:

    A busy cuppla days ahead.
    Looking forward to some peace & quiet.
    I know that sounds odd the day after I was rigging up an in-line power amp to my headphones, but it’s true.
    Then I’ve got some history-type stuff to read.
    It’s the sort of thing that makes most people beg for an aneurysm so that they don’t have to finish reading it, or a stroke so that they can at least enjoy the whirly lights on the ambulance ride.
    This alone indicates that I’m probably going to like it.
    Me?– I *LOVE* it!

    Either that, or I will spend some quality time with the glass door at the laundr-o-mat.Report

  4. Avatar Aaron David says:

    Started reading Gardeners Life and Times of Chaucer, very good, but I have needed some shot the brain time lately, so picked up a Lovecraft collection. That whet the appetite, so now I am looking for some nice hardboiled/pulp type thing. If I get time I will head down to the local used book emporium. Ellroy? Powers? Howard? We will see.Report