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Welcome To New Dominion

The new site is ready! Welcome to ordinary-times-dot-com. Please let us know of any problems that occur. Some minor things are still left to be changed, but the site should be operational here.

Original Post:

At approximately 5pm tonight Eastern Time, 2pm Pacific, the site will go into lockdown. No new posts and no new comments.

With any luck by tomorrow morning everything will be operational again.

Though it should work automatically, please update your bookmarks to ordinary-times.com. RSS is less likely to work, so if you use RSS we recommend changing that manually at your first opportunity.

Image by jetalone Welcome To New Dominion

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16 thoughts on “Welcome To New Dominion

  1. Looks good. Congratulations! (Haven’t tried writing a post yet, so reserve judgement on those aspects of the site.)

    As I’ve mentioned in the past, almost every web page I download is processed by a piece of JavaScript that “rewrites” things to limit most text to two fonts and a small number of sizes, and enforce more readable character- and line-spacing. In addition to the generic code, there are bits to deal with the peculiarities of sites that I visit regularly. There’s about 30 lines specifically for Ordinary Times.

    Much to my surprise, it all works on the new version of the site. The class and id names are the same — or close enough, in terms of regular expressions — that the code correctly picks them out and applies its changes. Remarkable! I had anticipated spending at least an afternoon taking pages apart and finding new identifiers.

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  2. Looks fine but for whatever reason the corporate filters think the new url is evil or something so I won’t be able to view it from qork. Le sigh, what a pain.

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