Monthly Archive: April 2018


Netanyahu: Iran Lied

A stunning announcement from Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he revealed Israeli intelligence had acquired a “half ton” of files, data, and even pictures of Iran’s nuclear program.

T-Mobile Sprint

T-Mobile and Sprint Announce Merger Attempt, Again

Hoping the third time is the charm for both companies to merge in a way that appeases Washington regulators, T-Mobile and Sprint announced the latest attempt to merge into what would be a more formidable third-place challenger to AT&T and Verizon.


So where are the singing superhero movies?


VR Co-Op… specifically Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes



#IndependentBookstoreDay is upon. After a week in which Amazon, a main force is the decline of bookstores announced their quarterly profits, the independent-minded bibliophiles now have their day. Or at least, one day.


Retroactive: This Week in Ordinary Times

This edition of Retroactive: This Week in Ordinary Times: Twitter as a positive thing, Conservatives needing work on their messaging, a harsh critique of Tennessee’s General Assembly, Trumpism and Reagan’s GOP, and a new staff writer for Ordinary Times introduces herself.


RedState’s Culling of Trump Critics *UPDATED*

The question now is, what conservative outlets will remain open to criticizing the President, despite the dollars to be made in not doing so? What market, if any, is there for a loyal opposition from the right to the President and his hardcore followers?

north south korea

North and South Korea Pledge Peace

Technically still at war, the leaders of North and South Korea met at the Demilitarized Zone, shook hands, and symbolically crossed the low concrete barrier to start a historic summit.


Still trying to figure out the whole “introvert” thing.