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  1. Avatar DavidTC says:

    Speedsters moving things has never made sense physics-wise.

    Momentum equals mass times velocity squared, so moving things not in the ‘accelerated field’ of the speedster would require rapidly accelerating them to near light speed and then back down. This…seems improbable for someone to do with their puny human arms.

    Even weirder is how they ‘acknowledge’ the physics is weird by making things moved have no momentum imparted and stop moving when released which is…exactly wrong.

    They could ‘solve’ this problem by having the field extend outward past the speedster so the things ‘touching them’ move into the accelerated frame, (Which would also solve the question of friction with the ground, and air friction), but that means they cannot do fun things like move bullets around, or punch people at super speed.

    DC handwaves all this with the speed force, which apparently does exactly whatever it is needed to do at any time. (Except for Superman, who doesn’t have that but doesn’t give a damn about friction and momentum.)

    Marvel handwaves all this by having their speedsters stay at the more reasonable top speed of ~900 MPH, at least in the comics, which is plenty fast enough to not be able to follow with the eyes but slow enough to not blatantly break the laws of physics. There’s a reason all the Marvel speedsters lost their race to the amnesic Barry Allen, when Marvel paid tribute to his death. It’s because the Flash is _so much_ faster.

    The X-Men movies are just gibberish, though. Yes, Quicksilver clearing Xavier’s school looks awesome, but doesn’t make sense under any rules, because apparently he has no problem running around holding multiple full grown humans. Yes, they’re frozen in position so less ungainly and floppy to carry, but…why can Quicksilver run around carrying 400 pounds and toss people around like they weigh five pounds?

    The MCU Quicksilver seemed much more plausible, and if I remember correctly he didn’t move anything around while at superspeed. (Although that is possible in the MCU….Yo-Yo does it all the time on Agents of SHIELD. Although she’s an Inhuman and has her power more ‘naturally’, whereas MCU Quicksilver was hacked together from…who the hell knows.)

    Incidentally, everyone should read the story that started it all. Speedsters were invented, along with half of sci-fi, by H. G. Wells: