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  1. Alan Scott says:

    Yeah, that’s why I stayed away from Superhero games for a long time. But there are a lot of more recent games that have really ironed out that problem by caring a lot less about the physics of the situation and a lot more about what the characters are trying to accomplish via superhero use.

    Of the top of my head, there’s Icons, Smallville, Marvel Heroic, Worlds in Peril, and Masks.

    Masks: A New Generation has become one of my go-to games–I spent about a hundred bucks on the kickstarter to get all the supplements and add-ons. It focuses specifically on teen heroes and is great if you’re trying for something like Spiderman: Homecoming or Young Justice.Report

  2. Pinky says:

    I’ve lost my interest in games with complex decision trees or combat tables that aren’t computer-based. Sure, I like dice. I don’t like the dead time looking up what each roll means. And I hate the feeling you get ten minutes later when you remember the combat modifier for the special unit that would have changed the outcome of the battle. Computers are perfect for all those range calculations and rules updates and stuff.

    I assume that more board games are becoming app-friendly and vice versa. I don’t know though. Game companies can be very strict about licencing.Report

  3. Doctor Jay says:

    We play Hero system all the time at our house, and for extended campaigns. I think that’s because we have developed a bunch of tricks to keep things moving, and by now, we just know the system really well, so we don’t sweat the “forgot a modifier” that happens once in a while.Report

  4. Derek Stanley says:

    Jaybird’s group (which I am part of) are much more magpie gamers flitting from game to game, so we do not have the Hero system experience and it showed….

    Loved the character creation of the Hero system, but that is about it.Report

  1. March 17, 2018

    […] in a RPG, results in speedsters being seriously overpowered. We saw what happened last week with the Hero system. So how do you deal with […]Report