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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Kolohe says:

    In most home games, the majority of players probably call, but in a casino game, the majority of players fold.

    As you say, watch the table, and if most are playing tight, play loose; if most are playing loose, play tight. And know when to switch gears.Report

    • Avatar Morat20 in reply to Kolohe says:

      That’s been my experience with home games. People will generally stick in to see the flop, unless someone starts raising. Basically, it seems everyone is willing to fork over the ante as the price of doing business, and won’t fold until someone starts raising.

      After all, if everyone is just calling and the pot isn’t going anywhere, maybe you will win with a small pair or a high card.

      Of course, that generally means people raising have solid cards, especially after the flop. Which is why everyone bails as soon as people start raising.

      (Of course, this gets a little more complicated as soon as someone has a solid chip advantage, or when the blinds start getting really high)Report

  2. Avatar James K says:

    The new expansion for Civilisation VI (Rise and Fall) came out on Thursday, so I’m playing that right now. The new features do help to improve the game, but I need to play a couple more games before I can really determine the effect it has had on the game.

    In any case, it will hopefully keep me occupied until the Apocalypse expansion for Stellaris comes out in two weeks.Report