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5 Responses

  1. fillyjonk says:

    This afternoon: some (abbreviated) errand-running, because tomorrow’s weather looks unpredictable (chance of freezing rain).

    I also have a lot of grading to do and an exam to write, so I guess I put some kind of appealing background noise on at home and do that Saturday (instead of this afternoon).

    I’m trying not to feel resentful that my one “free” weekend for a while is going to be a weekend of freezing rain. We need the moisture (are in a drought) but melted rain > freezing rain.

    I’m also trying not to feel resentful that the weekend right before my birthday (the 24th, I turn 49 on the 27th) I am on the hook for a large and chaotic campus event that’s supposed to be good for “recruitment.” I’d be happier with it if the version last year hadn’t been sheer chaos; I hope they’ve fixed the many problems that cropped up. (Also, I have to write two exams for students to take while at that event….)Report

  2. Maribou says:

    I thought I was mostly going to spend the weekend in bed after an insomnia-filled week, but apparently I may be spending part of it at poker because Jaybird got the night wrong and the game is actually Saturday.

    I say “may” because a very cozy and sleepy and tipsy Jaybird fell asleep in the middle of me trying to find out if there would be sufficient-people-I-know-and-like-there-for-it-not-to-be-exhausting, in which case it will be fun, or a bunch of near-strangers, in which case I’m going to take him up on not having to go. Other people’s coworkers I don’t know are like the *exact* sweet spot for my personal Sartrean hell…

    Found out my second mom, who has been battling cancer for a few years now, is prepping for a stem cell transplant to combat her recurrence, which a) I’ve seen other people have really good results with and b) is really miserable to go through, so I’mma try to write her a note at some point too. But I haven’t been doing very well at writing proper paper letters (well, on notecards) to anybody yet… I keep meaning to get back into the habit, but it never quite happens.Report