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  1. Avatar James K says:

    I played Giant Killer Robots last week.

    On the whole, I really enjopyed it a lot. There a neat mechanic where you build your robot’s abilities up out of a deck, so you get to choose weapons systems and a few special abilities for your big robot, and each one comes with a set of cards that put together make sup your deck of actions for the game, and also your robot’s hit points, so as your robot gets damaged, it loses capabilities.

    One thing I’m not entirely sold on is the victory conditions – you win by either tagging four different building four different times each (thereby demolishing them), or if a player is eliminated by having the least damaged robot (more or less). I like the first victory condition, but in the three games I played it never came up, one robot was always destroyed making tagging buildings irrelevant. This would be pretty easy to adjust though.Report

  2. Avatar Morat20 says:

    I’ve had a lot of fun with Ultimate Werewolf, but sadly half the people I play with can’t bluff. I will say that using the phone app (paired with bluetooth speakers) makes things a lot better. The ambient music covers up the noise of people doing stuff, and it reads out the turns so no one has to sit out.

    Considering the app is free and, well, I think I’m the only one of my friends who doesn’t own a portable bluetooth speaker, so it’s easy to ask someone to bring one along…

    I also finally picked up Galaxy Truckers, which I have not yet gotten to play. 🙂

    Yesterday I had a fun game night with my parents, my brother, and his offspring. We played Dixit (with a new expansion), Bang!, and some of Xmen Munchkin (my nephew got it for Christmas and hadn’t played Munchkin before.).Report