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Celebrating Purim

Tech Tuesday 2/27/18 – Social Impacts Edition

I’m trying a new format today. Instead of sorting links by field, I’m going to focus more on a theme. This week: the intersection of science, tech, and society. Links are offered in no particular order.


Coffee-table books


Ogre (revisited)

Linky Friday: Apple Pie

This week: Crime, Freedom, Labor, War, and the good ole USA!


Winter has finally arrived

Are MLB teams tanking?

The difference between good tanking and bad tanking

Photo of empty movie theater.

The unreview

Sometimes the reason we don’t see or read something deserves consideration.

Briefly, On Andrew Sullivan, Katie Roiphe, and Due Process

Although Andrew Sullivan and Katie Roiphe would never acknowledge it, maybe the Shitty Media Men list was created not as an affront to the concept of due process, but because due process has so often ended up protecting abusers rather than the abused.


Just a little more Jonathan Livingston Seagull


Further Along in the Shadow of War

There’s stuff I really, really like!
There’s stuff I really, really don’t.