Monthly Archive: January 2018


We interrupt this regularly scheduled Sunday post with a magic way to put on a duvet cover

Also, how to fold a fitted sheet


Middle Earth: Shadow of War first impressions

(Also, some musings on games that don’t understand their source material)

Mutual Respect

Based on a true story that definitely happened. Definitely.


Doing stuff in, like, a half dozen tabs while music is playing.

And Chicken Tikka Masala is one of the tabs.

The MacGuffin White House

The fake but accurate legends of intrigue emanating from the Trump Administration

Neither Holy, Nor Roman

But an Empire, in the same sense that a chihuahua is a dog.


Nothing Rhymes with Orange, by Adam Rex


One of those moments in table-top gaming that has you giggling for weeks

Briefly, On The Making Of Lists

Moira Donegan has acknowledged having created the Shitty Media Men list. She should be lauded for doing so. Her detractors though? They deserve nothing of the sort.

Morning Ed: Politics {2018.01.12.F}

My New Years Resolution was “fewer Politics sections” and I’ve had two and two weeks. So that’s not going well.