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  1. Avatar aaron david says:

    So, Lady Bird takes place in Sacramento, with an all-girls Catholic high school being a central part of it. I used to live about 2 blocks from that HS. The director, Greta Gerwig, attended the school while my friend Danny’s daughter was there. Small world.

    I started reading Camus’ The Fall again. So nice to read something that makes you think. Also, speaking of Sacramento, I am reading a history of the McClatchy company, Papers of Permanence. My son went to McClatchy high school in Sacramento, which has Joan Didion, Anthony Kennedy and the Deftones as alumni.Report

  2. Avatar LeeEsq says:

    I’m reading Life and Fate by Vassily Grossman.Report

  3. Avatar Maribou says:

    I have not seen a single one of the movies you mention in the OP.

    I did watch all 2 seasons of Sirens on Netflix this week – so funny, so raunchy, and yet never once made me feel like it thought people like me didn’t have a right to exist. Cheerfully offensive, with heart. Exactly what I was in the mood for. And I now fully grasp the love many of my people have for Kevin Daniels.

    I’m reading bits and pieces of all sorts of serious and unserious grown-up books but not finishing many of them yet … 18 books read so far this year, but almost all picture books and graphic novels. The cream of the crop among those is Louis Undercover by Fanny Britt – much more real than most comics with 12-ish year old protagonists are, but without veering into the cadence of a “problem novel”.

    I’ve also been listening to old episodes of the Mash-Up Americans podcast like whoa. Caught up to January of last year….Report

    • Avatar Maribou in reply to Maribou says:

      Oh, also I saw Pitch Perfect 3 with he who is known in these comments as Fish. Twas exactly as over-the-top and delightful as I hoped it would be.

      And I read Irvin Yalom’s Becoming Myself, the most purely memoir of any of the books he’s written …. it was more fragmentary than I expected but also a compelling read, especially given how much affection for him and his writing I already hold. If only every 80-something genius could write something so good, we’d be holding a lot more collective wisdom in our hands.Report

      • Avatar Fish in reply to Maribou says:

        Pitch Perfect 3 was gobs of fun. I didn’t see it 3 listed above as a best picture nominee. Ah, perhaps it was too late in the season to get in this year, but surely next year?Report

      • Avatar Kazzy in reply to Maribou says:

        I was disappointed in PP3, which is kind of surprising given that I went in with fairly low expectations. I enjoyed the first two movies, in part because I’m a sucker for silly competitions (even fictionalized) and I really enjoy cool live performances (again, even fictionalized). I didn’t mind the rampant silliness of the movie — though found it less enjoyable than the rampant silliness of the previous two — but just felt like there wasn’t really all that much singing nor very much fun singing.Report

    • Avatar Pinky in reply to Maribou says:

      I’ve gotten used to not seeing the performances/movies in question, but usually at least I’ve heard of them. This year it’s only the ads for Dunkirk and The Post that have kept me from batting .000.Report