Monthly Archive: December 2017

Bernard Law Has Died

Bernard Law – a man who invested considerable personal energy aiding and abetting the molestation of children – has died.

Tech Tuesday 12/19 – Space Fashion Edition

Between travel and being in 3 days of meetings last week, I didn’t get to really mine my sources as much as I like to, so a somewhat abbreviated set this week. I did get to partake of a team building exercise last week where we did an Escape Room. We made it out with, quite literally, 3 seconds to spare. Given that the reported success rate of the room is 3%, we took the win.


The Star Wars Movie. This is the thread where we discuss things at a high level without spoilers.

We’ll talk about spoilers next week.,

Bowl Challenges!

It’s bowl season. I have some thoughts, some (so far terrible) predictions, and a challenge for y’all.


No denying it anymore: The crazy part of the year has arrived.