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  1. Avatar aaron david says:

    Fleeing for the coast. Our 12year anniversary was last month, but with the sheer amount of moving parts at the David household, we made plans for a nice coastal getaway for the holiday, to take place after we moved. Well, we had to postpone the move, putting this trip out in the middle of all my logistics career stressors.

    So, I need to pick up a lot of beer on the way to Yachats!Report

  2. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    Our daughter is doing Thanksgiving at her house so we’re off to Fort Collins in a bit (after spending 10 days flying with the granddaughters to North Carolina and Omaha, she says she would rather cook than travel). Our son’s SO is hosting the NCAR “Friendsgiving” dinner (a bunch of young climatology PhDs living away from their families) this year and he’s helping with that. I may venture as far as the grocery tomorrow. Last year I noticed that one effect of Amazon seemed to be a considerable reduction in the shopping mobs around Denver.Report

    • Avatar Mike Schilling says:

      I had never heard of Friendsgiving before this week, but my daughter went to one hosted by a classmate and my son one hosted by a co-worker.

      For the main event, we’re going out to Occidental, a town in Sonoma near the coast, known for family-style Italian restaurants.Report

      • Avatar Michael Cain says:

        Of course, we did this in graduate school and at Bell Labs 30-40 years ago, but lacked the catchy name. Some memories stick — earlier this week my wife asked, “Do you remember the Scottish couple we used to do Thanksgiving with who were trying to learn American football by watching one game per year, on Thanksgiving afternoon?”Report

  3. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Do the rolls. Start the dishwasher to wash all of the bread prep dishes. Strip the bed and think “it’s been a couple of months since we washed the mattress pad…” and strip that off and put it in the washer on whites-hot with Clorox. Think “all of my morning chores are done! I can take a shower!”

    In the shower, realize quickly that both the dishwasher and washing machine are running.

    Dang it.Report

  4. Avatar LeeEsq says:

    Happy Thanksgiving.Report

  5. Avatar greginak says:

    XC skiing and eating and watching football. But it isn’t all ease and fun for me. I have to do something with the pie in 12 minutes. Happy Thanksgiving.Report

  6. Avatar Miss Mary says:

    I went to a friendsgiving last year. So nice.

    This year I’m stirring the pot at my annual family thanksgiving hosted by my local cousin. We may be cyber stocking old girlfriends of my no-show uncle. Oh yeah, I brought lots of wine!

    Pie should wrap up soon. Then, the after party. All the nerds and geeks are staying late to play games and drink.

    I return to work tomorrow. This weekend is big in the car biz. 🙁Report

  7. Avatar George Turner says:

    I’ve had serious qualms about the holiday ever since I realized that language and logic rules mean that God celebrates it as “Thankstaking”, ostensibly for letting some of us live. This observation provides a completely non-partisan way to manspread at the grown ups’ table.Report