Morning Ed: Multiculturalism {2017.11.23.Th}

[Mu1] Confederate Monuments are going private sector.

[Mu2] How African-Americans view discrimination seems to depend a little on whether they live in a black-majority area or no.

[Mu3] Jemar Tisby writes about what it was like, as a black man, going to the Deep South.

[Mu4] Lyman Stone wants more babies, more immigration, and more integration. This corresponds with an important piece talking about how important population diversity is if you can get the integration.

[Mu5] None of your bests friends are black. Maybe this will help, though.

[Mu6] The places where affirmative action is easiest to justify are the places where you can most easily make the argument that diversity makes the service better.

[Mu7] Dave Marcus makes the conservative case for the existence of privilege.

[Mu8] The rise and quick fall of Apple’s latest Diversity Chief.

[Mu9] 33,293

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4 thoughts on “Morning Ed: Multiculturalism {2017.11.23.Th}

  1. Happy Thanksgiving All!

    Mu1: I have zero issue with this. Private individuals and orgs can do whatever they can get permission to do on private land.


    • Agreed. The real problem with the monuments is using public space and often the positioning in front of court houses that have strong implications for who is in power and who the monuments are for. Private spaces…have fun.


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