There was a while there where it was a bit more “artistic” to do a video in black and white. Stuff that didn’t really work in color seemed to work really, really well in black and white.

I’m sure that those inclined to remember absolutely freakin’ everything will remember that we talked about Scarlet’s “Independent Love Song” back in 2012.

Independent Love Song – Scarlet

I was listening to that the other night when I remembered another black and white video that tickled my fancy. It was a cover of the lovely little song by The Cars called “All Mixed Up”.


That’s the original. A song that hasn’t aged a day. Still fresh and interesting.

Well, Red House Painters listened to it and said “let’s make it portentous”. They took the chorus and said “let’s take the chorus and treat it like it’s a *BRIDGE*” and they put out a song that hit me juuuuust right and, for a while, I would have sworn was better than the original.

And, of course, they had to make a black and white video for it.

Red House Painters – All Mixed Up

I’m not sure I think it’s better than the original anymore. But I can still listen to it multiple days in a row and think “hey, that’d make a good song for Wednesday.”

So… what are you listening to?

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