Monthly Archive: November 2017

Losing Eastern Airlines All Over Again

The re-start of Eastern Airlines went well, especially with how they communicated to the brand’s fans. Then, everything went downhill and my hopes for the “Wings of Man” went down the drain.


Contact your friends that you still think about all the time but haven’t talked to for a while.


Spoiler-free review of The Punisher


Oh, no! It’s time for the Steam sale again!

(I found an *AWESOME* roguelike. Heat Signature.)

TEDx Seattle After Action Report

My thoughts on the talks put forth at the local TED event. Also, if you are in the PacNW, and find yourself at a McMenamins, try the Pike Place Cod sandwich. SoOoOoOo good!

Bill Clinton: Time for a Reckoning

Perhaps the most famous case of a man abusing his power to take advantage of a woman, came to light 20 years ago. Is it finally time to talk about what Bill Clinton did while in office, with the perspective of today’s #metoo movement?

Tech Tuesday 11/21

Have a Happy Thanksgiving for those in the US (or not in the US, but who celebrate it anyway). We are reprising our plan from last year, which is to meet up with some friends at the local Brazilian Steakhouse. My Portuguese is a little rusty, but I’m pretty sure the name of the place translates to “Meat Coma”.