Monthly Archive: October 2017

Handwritten notes on legislative procedure.

Plausible Misconceptions

Ignorance is not only ignorance, and we need to understand why others make the mistakes they do.

CC-BY flickr user Damian Gadal

Linky Friday: Blood & Money

CHCTFB This week: Crime, Health, Climate, Transportation, Food, and Business!


Getting back on the horse that is regular exercise


A minor complaint about some music videos and a couple of songs

Morning Ed: Housing {2017.10.17.Tu}

The high cost of housing, and related issues. Also, today is Procrastinators’ Tax Day, so make sure you get that in.


I realize that I never actually talked about Phule’s Company last week.
Let’s fix that.


A recommendation by proxy for Guild of Dungeoneering


It’s Snowing!

A New Day for Scouting

Sharing Scouting values with girls seems like a pretty good idea.