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  1. Avatar Brandon Berg says:

    I don’t know what the deal is with Dragon Quest. I’ve always thought of it as an Enix series, but I guess they’re just the publishers, and several different companies (Chunsoft, Arte Piazza, Level 5, Heartbeat) have done the actual development. But always more or less the same creative staff. I wonder what the story there is.Report

  2. Avatar trevizeG says:

    You got further than me, Jaybird. I never got Rogue Galaxy into my PS2 and it still sits in a big pile of unplayed PS2 games. I just recently had cause to plug in my PS3 for the first time in two years, and took the opportunity to play the Level 5 RPG, Ni No Kuni. Well worth the effort. This weekend I am putting most of my effort into murdering teens in Friday the 13th, The Game.Report

  3. Avatar pillsy says:

    I am continuing with Dark Souls II, which I decided to pick up after digging Bloodborne a lot.

    It’s not quite as good, especially in terms of the atmosphere, and the graphics are slightly enhanced last gen, to boot, but the mechanics and exploration is still a lot of fun, and it does seem to allow for more variety of tactics, weapons, and character builds. Overall it seems easier, but I expect that is mostly just because I went into it knowing how to play Bloodborne and expecting to die a billion times.

    I was originally going to get Nioh, which looks really cool, but it was $60 and DS2 was $20 and I’m cheap.Report

  4. Avatar Jason says:

    Just started Assassin’s Creed: Origins. I think it’s going to be fun. It’s more open world and your character is leveled now, so I probably won’t finish it because I’ll do all the side quests and get burned out. But it will be fun and it looks good.Report