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8 Responses

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    Happy anniversary, you two!Report

  2. Damon says:


    First I was going to a new art exhibit on Sun with a friend, then that changed to dinner fri night and a new restaurant, then that changed to the greek festival…then got cancelled.

    Guess I’ll do jujitsu and see the girlfriend sat and then sleep all day sunday 🙂Report

  3. Maribou says:

    Happy anniversary, sweetie.

    I had breakfast with a friend this morning, working until 10 pm, then chores and gaming and chores and chores and chores.

    Some people have spring cleaning urges, which I don’t. I do however have a “it’s getting cold, am i ready for winter?” urge, which round these sunny, mild parts, seems to translate into cleaning all the things. (Well, and buying a nice flannel nightgown. And making sure we have enough tea. And figuring out which clothes don’t suit and either storing them till the appropriate season, sending them to the ARC, mending them, or throwing them out if they’re too beat up for any of those things.) Back in PEI, it was about stuff like lining the windows with plastic sheeting and mulching the garden and wrapping the trees and rosebushes and stocking up on all the various kinds of fuel one might need if snowed in (from gas for the generator to hay for the horse) …. I’m living the high life now :D.Report

  4. Joe Sal says:

    Congrats on both of ya!Report

  5. Miss Mary says:

    Happy anniversary! That is quite an accomplishment.

    I’m going on a road trip to visit surrobaby this weekend! He is officially 12 weeks old today. I’m trying to think of a gift to bring him, other than 800 ounces of breast milk.Report

  6. Jason says:

    Happy anniversary! Enjoy your weekend.
    We’re still recovering from this god-awful crud we’ve had. And I’ll do some grading. Not fun, but catching up and looking forward to the end of the semester is good.Report

  7. dragonfrog says:

    Congratulations! Time does fly…

    The others are going to visit fledermaus’s family, as they can’t readily travel to us to meet the baby.

    There’s a halloween ravey thing on Saturday I’ll probably go to. I guess that means I need a costume.
    On Sunday there’s a showing of Murnau’s Faust with live original soundtrack (by a band originally from my hometown – it’s been about a decade since I last saw them play).Report