So as I drove home, I heard a really haunting and beautiful song and I thought “man, that’s an awesome song! I should totally share that really awesome song!” and I get on the computer and look up the radio station’s website and look up the songs they were playing around the time that I pulled into the house and found a band and a song name that I’d never heard before and so I said “sounds like a good place to start…” and put it into the google to confirm it and the music video itself was full of suicide imagery.

And so now I can’t really share the song but I kinda can’t enjoy it as much as I used to because I’ll just replay the music video in my head when I hear the song and who wants to fixate on that sort of thing?

As such. Here are the songs I used to attempt to wirebrush the previous song out of my head. They’re both by a band called “Cornershop” that were all over the nigh-alternative radio in the late 90’s. Indian flavored (or “flavoured”, I guess) Britpop.

Sleep on the Left Side and Brimful of Asha were songs that were played back-to-back over and over again and they were songs that could turn a bad mood around and turn a good mood positively ecstatic.

Cornershop – Sleep On The Left Side (Tjinder Singh)

Cornershop – Brimful of Asha – Official Music Video (Original) (Tjinder Singh)

So… what are you listening to?

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One thought on “Wednesday!

  1. I hadn’t listened to Cornershop in ages – thanks for that!

    I got a new phone a little while ago, and haven’t put much music on it. I think fledermaus has that album on her computer, I’ll have to see if we can fight our way past iTunes’ jealous guardianship of the actual music files to put them on my phone.


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