On Monday, I went outside and it was snowing.

Now, granted, it wasn’t the big fluffy flakes that you seen in Christmas movies during the denouement. It was the little pebbly flakes that looked like Styrofoam packing material. I drove to work, got some stuff going, had a meeting at the other building and went out to my car and it had, like, an inch of snow on the hood and driver’s side. Big fluffy snow. It wasn’t sticking to anything but cars, but I actually had to brush it off to leave safely.

Then the sun came out and there was no more snow.

I did have to scrape my car on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, though. Scraping the car is unpleasant in a way that snow on the car isn’t. It’s like snow on the car is a Christmassy thing and scraping the car is a middle-of-February thing.

As such, this weekend will be devoted to the swapping out of the seasonal clothing. There are a bunch of hoodies and flannel shirts in those big vacuum Ziploc bags in the back of the closet and a bunch of light-fabric hanging up and it’s time to make the swap between the two.

And it will be good to be wearing hoodies and fuzzies again. Seriously, 2nd half of autumn and 1st half of winter is, seriously, the best season. Until February, anyway. At that point, it can get in the 50’s again.

We also have a family thing where I can tell the boys about what I saw in Qatar and give them some of the touristy junk I got just for them while I was out there. And, of course, the eternal list of eternal errands… PetSmart, Costco, the pharmacy, the grocery store, and the various places you have to go to so you can hit the ground running come Monday morning.

So… what’s on your docket?

(Image is “Play” by Clare Briggs. Used with permission of the Briggs estate.)

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15 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. Hopefully, I’ll be completing my recovery from the plague I’ve had since last weekend. An x-wing miniatures tourney starts tomorrow and I have lots of grading to do as I try to catch up after my illness.


  2. One of my besties and her husband tried for years to get pregnant. This weekend is her baby shower!!! Saturday will be spent buying supplies, decorating, and food prep. Sunday is the big event. Luckily I went in on a gift with my other bestie so that’s one thing I can just throw money and no effort at. One thing officially off the to-do list, 100 more to go.

    Also, rearranging my freezers. I’ve got an over supply of frozen breast milk. Again. :( Five days until surrodad picks up his portion of the milk and ten days until I send another cooler full to the milk bank. I don’t think my freezers are going to make it!


  3. After four months of beating my head against Bloodborne, I finally finished it. It didn’t hurt that the last five or so bosses were the easiest in the game. Unfortunately the game turned me into a total masochist, so I’m going to spend most of the weekend inflicting Dark Souls II on myself.


  4. Think I’ll just sit here and bask in the glory of living in the third best city in the country. According to the Wall Street Journal 24/7, at least. Three of the top five are Denver suburbs, which seems sort of ridiculous. Whatever the criteria are, skimming down the list suggests that they heavily favor largish suburban cities with lots of recent growth. Maybe they were looking to provide Saul-bait.

    Other than that, need to spend time on the deck reconstruction project.


  5. First days off in 9 days. flaring up like whoa. plan to spend most of the weekend in bed. bleah.

    OTOH, that gives me a chance to catch up on the internets and tv and reading :)


  6. Finishing up a book happily titled The Worst Journey in the World. I’m a little disappointed, to be honest, since the journey billed as The Worst isn’t even the worst one recounted in the book. I’m also busy sharpening up my voodoo skills to ensure the Cubbies beat the hated Dodgers in the NLCS. Been practicing on a Steve Garvey action figure. Go Cubs!


    • Well, finished TWJITW, and it delivers on the title’s promise. For this who might be interested…

      The Worst Journey is a first-person recounting of Admiral Scott’s ill-fated Polar Expedition to Antarctica in 1910 written by one of the trip’s survivors, Apsley Cherry-Garrard. He participated in one expidition which might rightfully be deemed The Worst Journey during the first winter of the expedition, what is known as The Winter Journey, which intended to be a 6 week excursion across the ice during the dead of winter to study Emporer Penguins. They ran low on food, short on fuel, suffered thru consistently brutal temperatures (-60-70 wasn’t uncommon), lost their tent for a time during a blizzard and slept in their bags under mounds of drifting snow, and so on. Three men left, but all three returned. Amazing.

      A second legitimate claim to The Worst Journey was undertaken by a team of scientists led by Campbell who were provided with 6 weeks of rations to engage in scientific explorations on the expectation that their ship, the Terra Nova, would pick them at the end of the expedition in the fall before the sea ice returned. Ship didn’t arrive, so they spent the winter in an ice cave dug eating seal and penguin, surviving temps in the -30sF without fuel, until spring.

      The final Worst Journey was Scott’s expedition to reach the south pole, or what’ Apsley calls the Polar Expedition. None of the men in that group survived the journey.

      Depressing stuff, no doubt. But fascinating reading.


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