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  1. Maribou says:

    So all this time I’ve been avoiding this documentary b/c of my abhorrence for An Inconvenient Truth (same director) and it takes a blog post by my own husband, and exactly the right excerpt, to point out that it’s basically exactly the sort of thing I love to watch, regardless of who directed it?


    I’ve been mostly listening to the radio for the last couple of weeks, because we have such good stations here in town. I’ve also had a lot of Tom Petty going on. I may have listened to Last Dance with Mary Jane 10 times in a row the other day *sheepish look*.Report

  2. Yesterday we listened to Pat Metheny’s album Song X as dusk turned to night. Everybody’s at the top of their game.

    When my daughter was in high school her friends were very impressed I saw LZ in 1969. It was fun to get to be cool dad.Report

  3. Michael Cain says:

    I know I’m old. The other day at my house, the subject of the capacity of contemporary hard disks came up, and the number of compressed songs that could be stored. The little voice that lives in the back of my head and runs the archives, and throws occasional random stuff over the wall, tossed me a memory about some comedy group that did a parody of the 60s-70s commercials selling song collections. This particular one ran along the lines of “Just $9.95 for this amazing collection of EVERY RECORD EVER MADE!! Order now and three tractor-trailers will arrive at your house within 30 business days to deliver your very own copy of EVERY RECORD EVER MADE!!” It went on from there, with obscure examples of what you would get.

    I was thinking that in .ogg format, at AM radio quality — and those cheap collections on vinyl were never noted for their high fidelity — three trailers worth of albums might be a package small enough that Amazon could leave it on the front porch….Report

  4. aaron david says:

    I remember watching this with my son back when he was in high school. Its good, although Jimmy Page makes me want a frock coat when ever I see it.

    I have been listing to a lot of ’70’s soul inspired stuff, like The Sound Defects, Menahan Street Band and these guys, the El Michaels Affair (instramental without being forgettable):